Transport Kalcina

Hrvatskog sabora 61
23 000 Zadar

Tel./Fax.: + 385.23.321.502
Jere Kalcina
+ 385.98.181.1017

Marijan Kalcina
+ 385.98.264.568


Many years in the business

  • Provision of services based on mobile cranes, truck-mounted cranes, hauliers and low-bed semi-trailers for abnormal load transport
  • Transport, assembly and dismantling of concrete, steel and wooden structures and facilities
  • Heavy cargo manipulation in small spaces
  • Transport and lifting of ships, sailboats, masts, machinery and containers, and goods palletizing
  • Transport and lifting of mobile and prefabricated homes
  • Organisation of abnormal load transport escort services and obtaining compliances and permits necessary for abnormal load transport
  • Basket for working at heights, lifting people, bulk cargo lifting grab
  • Traffic accident assistance
  • Lifting and collection of trucks and buses which are turned upside down and shattered